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How much is my workers compensation claim worth in Georgia?



There are many variables that are taken into consideration when figuring a fair settlement amount on a claim. Therefore, without specific information regarding your claim no one can definitively and honestly answer that question for you. Some information that may be needed in order to properly evaluate your claim may be:

  •  What is your date of injury?
  •  How much money were you earning at the time of injury?
  •  How many hours a week did you work at the time of the injury?
  •  What amount if any have you been drawing in workers’ comp benefits?
  •  Has your Authorized Treating Physician given you an impairment rating?
  •  Have you had a functional capacity exam also know as an FCE?
  •  Have you been returned to work or are you still out of work?

 Additional information may also be important in order to properly evaluate your claim. Murphy Law Firm handles workers’ compensation claims in the state of Georgia. For a free consultation regarding your workers’ compensation claim call (770) 577-3020.

James K. Murphy (Attorney)
James K. Murphy is a personal injury attorney, legal commentator, and author practicing law in Georgia

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